Saturday, January 8, 2011

Candidates for Diocesan Convention Delegate

The following people have offered themselves for election as Christ Church Cathedral delegates to diocesan convention. The election will be held at the annual meeting after a 10 am service on Sunday, January 23. Please keep all the candidates in your prayers. 
Hulda C. Blamoville, MD; MPH; MBA
Dr. Blamoville has been a member of Christ Church Cathedral for more than 30 years. She was baptized, confirmed and married in the Anglican-Episcopal Church. She is married (39 years) and has two children and one granddaughter. She has served as an acolyte, Sunday School teacher, vestry member, greeter, usher, committee member and chair in three different states and three different continents in the Anglican Communion.

Dr. Blamoville was a medical missionary in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Zaire. She was called “Nangabuka” by the people of Zaire because she chose to fly a small WWII plane for her medical visits.

Dr. Blamoville is presently connected with St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Cardinal Glennon Hospital, and has her clinic “Our Children’s Clinic” in North St. Louis. She also has faculty status with Washington University. She has served on several boards dealing with the well-being of children, and is a delegate to the National Medical Association. She volunteers in the St. Louis and Wellston school systems mentoring and tutoring.

She says things she will always remember are:
1)   meeting two presidents: John Kennedy and Barack Obama
2)   being detained in Nairobi, Kenya Airport (they thought she was Angela Davis)
3)   meeting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Selma, AL
4)   being asked to leave Christ Church Cathedral with her two young children, because they were too restless.

Ron Freiwald
Mr. Freiwald started attending Christ Church Cathedral in 1994 and was confirmed in February 1995.  Since that time Ron has been an usher, lector and a member of several committees.  He served a term on Chapter 2001-2004, led several adult education bible studies and am currently part of the Adult Education Committee.

Outside of CCC, Mr. Friewald is on the faculty in the Mathematics Department at Washington University.  In addition to teaching, he does a lot of administrative work coordinating the department’s undergraduate program and relationships with math majors and minors.

Mr. Freiwald served a term as a Convention delegate five years ago.  Apart from attending the Diocesan Convention, he found that the quarterly meetings of delegates from our Metro (a regional grouping of nearby churches in the diocese) to be a useful way to learn what was going on in other congregations and build bridges. He is willing to serve again as a delegate if elected.

Michael W. Reiser
Mr. Reiser was introduced to the Cathedral by a friend in 1990, started attending regularly, and was confirmed in 1992. Many of his closest friends are people that he has met here.

Michael has a MBA in marketing and finance from Southern Methodist University and a BS from Truman State University. He feels that he has a strong gift of compassion, integrity and community. He lives his life trying to recognize, and be open to, the will of God. He shares his faith, and the wonderful healing and strength that he receives as a member of Christ Church Cathedral.

He is currently a member of the Standing Committee, and has served on the Cathedral Chapter and as a Convention Delegate. During the past three conventions, he has worked with the diocesan staff as the Convention Coordinator.

The results of the past few years have made Michael realize that there is a work to be done, which requires cooperation and education of people at the local, diocesan and national levels. He loves his church and wants to work with other members of the diocese by representing the community values and outreach that he sees represented here.

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