Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Message from Malawi -- Pope Bequest bears fruit, brings hope and joy!

A message from Fr. Tom Mpinga of Nkope Anglican Church in Malawi giving us a further update on the effect the supplies bought with the first $5,000 of the $20,000 Pope Bequest gift from Christ Church Cathedral has had.

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On behalf of the committee I would like to report on how the materials bought are helping the Clinic and the community as a whole.
The mattresses are helping us a lot since this is the peak time for malaria so the Hospital is always full and no one is not sleeping on the floor as it was before. Even if some mattresses are not pressed on the beds but there is an improvement that people are enjoying the mattress
The Microscope that we bought is two in one equipment. It can capture TB viruses and also Malaria and other diseases that are found in Urine and stool. The in the beginning the medical assistant could just guess for the diseases by using history so there was no accuracy on the  treatment given to people. But now things are going on very smooth since if the doctor is not sure for the disease then he just send the patient to the laboratory department for proper examinations. These things might seem not helping for others but to us we are happy   with these.
The BP Machine is also another thing that is helping us a lot since this also is a two in one equipment. It measures the BP itself and also the pulse rate. These things were done in the past by guessing but now they are so accurate on these things of which the Patients are given recommended drugs for their problems.
In the beginning we could do this business of photocopy, printing scanning and printing in Mangochi our small town which could cost us transport and also charges on these things. But now we are doing this business right away at the hospital. indeed it is a great relief that we can walk tall and say praise to God our Lord for these gifts for sure we could not manage on our own to find there things in the clinic.
5. Auto scope
This Machine was also a problem to our hospital since a patient with a little problem could be referred to another hospital because of this machine only. But now there are no such referrals since the machine is giving the doctor accuracy in his job and he works effectively on issues which is deals with this machine.
So you can see that these things are having a very big impact to the clinic and the community at large since people are helped in time and within the clinic. So we have done this progress report so that those who contributed for this may see to it that things are okay here.
Wishing you and the whole church there all the best in this Lent period

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