Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gary Johnson's "Postcard from Sudan" -- Saturday, December 1, 2012

Here's the latest posting from CCC's Gary Johnson, on pilgrimage with a team from the DIocese of Missouri to Lui, Sudan. Please keep Gary and the rest of the mission team in your prayers and check back here and at

Woke up early (5:00am) again this morning and listened to Africa waking up. I have also learned that the Raptors also start very early. I counted three eagles this morning both looked like our Golden's but each had different wing configurations and body size. You can count three to five different birds of prey in 20 minutes. The larger eagles have a 5' wing span.

Today the Carpentry group only worked a half of a day but we have finished the first project. Material is hard to come by unless you drive to Juba which is 110 miles away but takes 6 hours due to the road conditions. Lots of potholes some caused by the rains and others are where the UN has cleared mines. Potholes can be 4' deep. We were starting to run low on lumber but was able to buy some in Lui. that will take us through next weeks projects.

Did my first laundry today which was interesting but easier than I expected. The women will do our shirts and pants but we do our undergarments. Getting use to having the goats and chickens running around like we would have dogs or cats except outdoors only. With the exception that the chicken or goat you see this morning will probably be dinner. With no refrigeration everything is prepared that day.

The weather here is wonderful highs in the nineties and lows in the eighties but a very dry heat most days, but when it's humid its really humid. We have had a great breeze all day very comfortable sitting in the shade. I'm here during their dry season, we have yet to have any rain.

Lots of UN vehicles moving past the compound headed to pick up more refugees near the Uganda border.

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