Friday, December 7, 2012

Gary Johnson's "Postcard from Sudan" - Friday, December 7, 2012

Here's the latest posting from CCC's Gary Johnson, on pilgrimage with a team from the DIocese of Missouri to Lui, Sudan. Please keep Gary and the rest of the mission team in your prayers and check back here and at

Last night around 10:00pm drums started and the wailing began. This is the start of mourning for a women who had died in the hospital. I awoke around 2:30am and it was going stronger than earlier but the wailing only goes on during the very beginning. The hospital is only about a 1/2 mile away. The drums finally stopped at about 11:30am today. If we didn't have people to tell us differently you would think it was a huge party.

We have been without solar power since Monday the third. Which out solar power we have no internet service. I went to the Market yesterday and they are out of phone-cards which are needed to make cell phone calls.

Had our Graduation of the Carpentry Class and also the Mothers Union Sewing Class. Two of our team members Jeanie & Pauline from England made hand made certificates for each person graduating. I then put each person name on the certificate. The Bishop put his seal on them and we had a ceremony in front of the church under the LARO tree. Think of a town square and this is what the LARO tree is to them. The same exact tree was used to sell slaves, it's huge and very old and very important to the people of Lui.

Sudan Observations;

No running water outside of the larger cities and then very limited.
No trash-cans or trash service anywhere
No stop signs or traffic signals anywhere
No street signs or any address on homes
No electric poles or telephone poles ( Generator power only)
No white noise during the day or night
No light pollution at night, there are literally thousands of stars you can see at night. I can set outside just looking up at the stars for hours.
No diapers of any type
Paved roads in the cities none once you leave the cities
No children's toys in the local markets, a ball is the best you can find
Getting use to seeing men walking down the road with automatic weapons
Seeing men who are missing a hand from being cut off during the war
Seeing a women cooking on a very primitive charcoal stove but talking on a cell phone
There are probably more termites in Africa than stars in the sky, a huge problem for anything built with wood.

The Dean of the Cathedral just sent a messenger with a formal letter requesting a meeting for today at 4:30pm. We are having conversations on ways to bring our Cathedral and Fraser Cathedral closer together. We met his afternoon and the meeting was very productive.

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