Monday, December 10, 2012

Gary Johnson's "Postcard from Sudan" - Monday, December 10, 2012

Here's the latest posting from CCC's Gary Johnson, on pilgrimage with a team from the DIocese of Missouri to Lui, Sudan. Please keep Gary and the rest of the mission team in your prayers and check back here and at

Today has been a great day we are finished with our classes and this is down time for us. Went up to the Mothers Union to see if any machines need repaired. Ran into Jeannie and Pauline who were on there way to see Lillibeth's home.

I was invited o go along. Lillibeth is being sponsored by Jeannie who's a teacher from England and part of our team. Lillibeth will go to a teachers school her tuition is being paid by Jeannie and other teachers back in England. We arrived in Lillibeth's compound all of which are Tukals the mud huts with thatched roofs. We met with her father and stepmother and oldest brother. The father and her oldest brother grilled us for about 20 mins. At which point he looked at me and said this is good. I felt really good about the fact we were grilled by both of them. Lillibeth will be a great student and will graduate in 4 years. The oldest son is also going to school and during our coversation asked Jeannie to send the school info to his brother and gave her his brothers email address. I often feel like I'm in parallel universe when in Lui. Here we are sitting outside of several mud huts and trading email address. Most email is done through email account on their cell phones. To show their gratitude we were given a ten pound bag of peanuts and 4 fresh eggs. The peanuts are dried but not roasted and have a great flavor.

I love their toothbrushes here they take a certain type of stick and chew on it until it's frayed. Then it is used as their toothbrush. They seem to do a great job and just the action of chewing on the stick cleans their teeth.

Will be leaving tomorrow for home but will not be back in St.Louis until the 13th. Will be nice to get home and actually hold and kiss Linda my wife. But a part of my heart will be left in Lui.

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